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:questionmark: My husband and I have been going back and forth on getting a 2nd poodle. We have the finnicky eater problem with Shadow. I have heard that getting a 2nd dog would possibly peak his interest in his food. The problem is that Shadow is the perfect dog for our family with his quirky personality. My hubs is afraid this personality may change with a 2nd dog. Shadow is almost two, but he hasn't been socialized a lot and is afraid of new people and new dogs. We have started taking him to doggie day camp. They've told us that he seems more of afraid of them than of the other dogs. So the question is...2nd poodle or not? Also, if so, should we get a puppy or one closer to his age? male or female? I should also probably mention that we have a 9-year-old and are hoping to expand our family soon. (I am looking at all that I have typed and am slowly starting to realize why my husband thinks I talk too much! lol) Also, Shadow (he's a standard) is very attached to me.


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You will get varying opinions for sure.

It sounds like you have an ideal dog, family situation and if you didn't have the bee in your bonnet for another poodle, I would say stick with the current set up, esp. since you are thinking of another human member.

But....I know once someone considers a second dog....it is tough to resisit!

I have had both single dogs (for years) and more than one (which I have right now).

One dog is more relaxing. More than one more busy.
Were it me I would probably lean towards not adding that second dog until I had worked through Shadows current social skills issues. Adding a second dog will most certainly change some of his behavior but shouldn't alter his personality. Sometimes the changes are good, but sometimes they aren't so good. Doggy day camp may not be the best place to boost his socialization, but it's a start. I would really look into finding a trainer in your area who can work with you privately and give you better ideas to help him get on with new people, places, and other dogs. Honestly, and I can't see the problem in person so please take with a grain of salt, I would avoid a day care or dog park situation based on the limited discription of what you've said his issues are. Thats why I would have somebody come in privately and see if you can work on remidial socialization. Thrusting them into the deep in at a day camp or park *might* make the problem worse.

I recall another memeber here quite a while back who brought a new puppy into her home and found out the hard way that she probably should have done some training first. I don't know what ended up happening as she isn't here anymore, hopefuly it all worked out.

Of course, poodles are hard to resist LoL, I couldn't have just one and even after promising my hubby no more animals at all ended up getting three guine pigs AND another poodle LoL.... I'm not so good at resisting sometimes.
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Thanks for the info WonderPup! I may have made him seem worse off than what he is. He is just a little skittish. We actually had a trainer come from Bark Busters when he was younger. We have also moved to a house that has a chain-linked fenced and three dogs next door. Sometimes he goes to their fence and they come over and lick eachother and sometimes he looks like the kid that gets picked last for sports events. He'll go and sit by their fence and wait and wait and wait for them, but they won't come over! lol He has most definitely gotten better with it though. My husband even brings him into the pet store and he's let other people pet him.
See, now Im the opposite! lol

If I was considering another Poodle and also wanted to add another baby eventually, I would certainly get the Poodle now. I'd rather have a behaved, potty trained dog. When baby arrives that allow's you focus on child and enjoy the dogs.

If you are still interested, I would also advise you getting a puppy rather then older dog. All dogs react different to adding a new member but they seem to except a puppy better then a older (teenage) dog. Ecspecially for a dog that isn't very social with other dogs.
I dont think it will change his personality having a mate there. I would be like Jenn and get a puppy. It sounds like you arent pregnant yet so there is time to get your older one trained and the puppy will also learn. Hopefully hubby can help you walk one of them. I hate bark busters, but its probably different in the US. In Australia they have scared a few dogs more than helped them.

Poodle love poodles so this shouldnt be a problem. I believe that all dogs need a friend apart from the human variety. Dogs like to be dogs too. He will probably get annoyed with the pup at times, but dont worry too much its usually just putting them in their place. Only step in if he is actually attacking through jealousy or something and getting quite serious. May never happen.
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