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We did it!!!

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Today we, and I mean me and Bobby, finally finished a full groom at home! I say “we” because we were definitely a team! Bobby was incredibly patient with me as every step took such a long time. I broke it up over 3 days. All of his practice at home being on the table between professional groomings and his many professional grooms really showed. I swear there were times, especially when I was drying him, that he just seemed to know what to do. I’m so very proud of him, and although it definitely shows that I’m just learning, I’m kind of proud of myself too. I definitely made mistakes and his coat definitely doesn’t have the amazing straight, velvet finish when done at the groomer’s. However, I’m relatively pleased. I now know that at least I can keep Bobby looking presentable and his skin and coat healthy. 😊
I am beyond thankful for all of you poodle people who answered so many of my questions, offered advice and reviews on products, etc. and most of all encouragement!
Thank you!!!! Thank you! Thank you!
Here are a couple of pictures.

I was very amazed how Bobby just seemed to know what to do as I dried him. He just did everything he needed to do with patience and calm.
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Here is is finally done!!! Bobby was SO patient today as I brushed, combed, clipped and snipped. It took me
over 2 1/2 hours! It was a learning curve for sure!!! I told him with practice I will just get quicker and better and better!!!
He really doesn’t look much different as I didn’t let his coat get long but I guess not much different is good as it means I didn’t blow it and do a horrible job!
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Well done, half the battle with home grooming is fear of the home groomer.
Bobby looks gorgeous

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He looks fabulous. Great team work.
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