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We are back!!

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Well I joined here a little while ago, but life seem to get so busy. Well life has finally slowed down a bit, so I will have more time to post! I just started grade 12 and once I am done that I will be going to collage to become a Vet Tech or Assistant. Haven't decided which one!! lol My baby Zoey will be turning 1 on the 16th and she is weigh in at a whopping 3.8lbs...which means she is a whole 1.2lbs heavier then her breeder guessed she'd get but I dont care I love her either way!! :D This past August I started her in Obedience Training and beginner Agility classes and she did so great. Best in her class so I have signed her up for Zip-line Agility and Jr. Agility, I am hoping she'll still like it. lol. Well I just wanted to say hi to everyone who is new and congrats on all the people with new babies. They are so adorable, once we move I think I will be getting Zoey a buddy!! ;) Here are a couple pictures of her:

Getting her award for OB Training and Agility, she just wanted to show her butt...lol Please ignore me I look horrible!! :p

Sorry her eyes are red, I cant figure out why my camera does that to her eyes all the time!!

Hope you enjoyed!!! Have a great day!!
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Sammyjojozoey, such adorable pics of your little Zoey. Congratulations to both you and Zoey on her "Best in Class" wins in obdience and agility classes. It takes both of you to come out winners. Good luck to you as you advance her with further agility training. She looks like a real sweetheart.
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