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Washington breeders

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I posted this on the breeders page, but I think there's a lot more traffic here!

I would love to hear of you have experience with any of the following breeders: Farthing, Kamann, or Valcopy. I think they are all well regarded, established mini breeders. (I have seen some comments on here describing Farthing and Valcopy as producing great dogs).
What I want to know is if any one of these lines might be mote likely to produce minis more suited to therapy work?
Any knowledge about these breeders is much appreciated. Thank you!!
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Do you know what size you're looking for? Valcopy used to breed toys, Kamann breeds minis, and Farthing breeds all three varieties.

I don't have first hand experience with Farthing but I've heard wonderful things. Kamann is new to me. Perhaps someone here can help more.
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