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Vinnie's big hair

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I groomed Vinnie yesterday. His hair is getting longer - almost long enough for horns (I have put his hair up a few times for him to get used to it, but it's not quite there yet). This is his big hair look:

And, of course, a few typical Vinnie shots:

And one of my favorite Vinnie shots ever (so far!):

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Thanks everyone!! He is such a fun dog and so photogenic - he makes it easy!

Love his long tail. :)
LOL - that's one of my favorite things - I LOVE that tail!!

LOL on the big hair in the first shot. Without the hair on the ears it does look even bigger. Even with the his top knot (to be), he looks absolutely amazing. One thing is missing though..... There's nothing in his mouth?!?! He certainly has a big smile and such bright eyes.
I know - Vinnie without a toy. It's sad! :biggrin: My mom and dad came back today from Doberman nationals (my sister and her hubby breed/show dobes and he's a professional handler) and they brought Vinnie a brand new bright purple Kong Wubba - I am seeing a photo shoot in his future!

He's a good looking boy. Are you doing horns for Halloween?
I will do puppy horns until his hair is long enough to put everything up in the middle. Right now I can get most up into puppy horns, but the eyebrows still hang out. I took this photo last weekend - you can just see that he has a little hair banded up over each eye:

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