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Video of our Toy

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I recently made a video of our Toy Buff doing his thing.
Hope you enjoy!


Take care
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Thanks for sharing and putting a smile on my face this morning.
Great video you dog is so cute :D
LOVED IT!!! Thanks for sharing. Sure looks like you and your Buff have a great relationship!! Couldn't hep thinking as I was watching it about a tall, strong man having a little white poodle out playing games. Sure goes to prove there is nothing Foo Foo about the poodle, they are such a great dog!
It does bother me a little when people consider poodles a "foo foo" dog.
I love them because of their manipulatable drives. Buff will work tirelessly at
the same task all day long. Because of my work with protection sports and Malinois and stuff allot of people shake their head when they see me working Buff, but I always tell them the same thing.
A good Poodle has the drive of a Malinois, with the learning ability of a German Shepherd.
To me thats some great material for training!!
And that is my main motivation,..training.
Thanks for watching.
Take care
Wow! I'm really inspired. I would like to start my puppy doing obedience and agility. What a great place to let him run and practice! It's obvious you do a lot of work (and play). Great video!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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