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Just checked the vet we used for our Lab, and got a very detailed quote (all details broken down and priced), and they would charge $534 to neuter a Toy Poodle.

$60 (beginning exam) + $254 (Neutering) + $86 (pre-surgery blood work) + $75 (IV during surgery) + $26 (antibiotics) + $28 (pain management) ($ amounts rounded) = $534

I didn't ask for the cost of a spay but it would be interesting.

This place is on Kingston Road, west of Midland: 416 261 1391 if you want to give them a ding.
WOW, that is expensive!!! There are no low cost spay/neuter clinics in Canada? We have one here it is $55 with everything included! Of course my vet for a spay is about $150 with everything except the pre surgery blood work which is only $35, but still a huge differance.
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