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Vet appt update!!

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All is well. That tooth that I thought would for sure need to be pulled, seems to growing ok...but the same tooth on the other side is having issues...The adult is coming up right behind that baby tooth. Vet said it was lose and would probably be out in a week or so, so she wants to re-evaluate that other side in 2 weeks.

She has fully recovered from her spay, that was swelling, not a hernia like I had thought, she is able to resume normal activity and is doing well. The suregry doesn't seem to have traumatized her and she rushed into the office ready and eager to kiss anyone who let her lol. She is so outgoing, she loves everyone and thinks everyone MUST love her back. If you ignore her she will get your attention and make sure that you notice her.
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I am so glad she is doing well! I also can not wait to see new pics!
Cool, but I couldn't read a work of that which one is the pics?
I'm happy this stressful time is over for both of you and things are back to normal again!
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