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Vega's new haircut for the warmer months

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I didn't want to take much off his legs but his body is much shorter. He seems much more content!

Hope you enjoy.


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What a gorgeous boy Vega is and such a lovely blue color. :)
He is so handsome! I adore his blue color!!
WOW!! Vega looks great. I love the one where it appears he is winking ;)
Oh wow, he looks so grown up and manly now! I looove the colors on his ears! He seems to shimmer! You did a great job with his groom!

- in this house the cobbler's children go without shoes
He looks fantastic!!! As usual, you did a great job on his trim. The blending looks great and those fluffy legs. Love the blue toe nails!!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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