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Vega and my German Shepherd getting some park time

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It's a really hot day out..but decided to take Vega and my German Shepherd, Pandora out to the park. They are the best off leash...and I wanted to let them run around a bit.

Pandora sometimes has slight dog aggression issues...so we try to take her with only one other dog so we can keep an eye on her. She's never hurt any other dog but she does bark/growl sometimes...I think she's just vocal honestly...

Anyway...I wish I had captured it on camera..but as we were leaving the park we pass this duck pond...the park ranger is pretty strict about dogs going after ducks...and while Vega has always showed interest he's never jumped into the pond.

Well, on the way out of the park he did. I don't think he realized it was deep water..he was very upset with himself when he kind of went under water..but he came back as soon as he was called. It was so funny...luckily he has such a short coat now.

I originally shaved him with a #4 blade...and then took his body down with a 7..but haven't done much with his legs. I didn't want them to be the same length as his body though, or at least not THAT short.

Anyway..enjoy the pics. It was a fun afternoon.

Also..this is the shortest Vega has ever been...i'd love some criticism on his structure as far as breed standard goes. I know he wasn't from top of the line breeding...but I do feel his breeder has been helpful in keeping in touch with me..parents were health tested...etc... I wasn't looking for a show dog...just wanted a healthy, happy, pet and that's exactly what I got!


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Great photos of your outing! Looks like the heat didn't bother them much as they seemed to get a lot of running in! Wonderful pic of all the kisses!! Vegas has one of the coolest cuts I have seen for the summer. It must feel great for him.
What a fun day! Vega looks thrilled to be out in the sun, which I'm sure is because of his trim. I think he looks great in it. I bet he loved the ducks, too!
I really like Vega's short trim. It looks very sporty. I'm glad the dogs were able to enjoy themselves and get out for a good run :)
Both of your dogs are beautiful, you must be so proud to have 2 of the most intelligient breeds. I miss my German Shepherds terribly and am looking forward to the arrival of our Standard boy (late June birth). While I am not a groomer, I think your Vega looks beautiful and perfect.
I love the second picture the most, (they are ALL nice), but I just love the way they are both reaching for your face with their tongues, showing you love and affection like they do with members of "their pack".....that's special.
Fabulous photos! I especially loved (and melted at) the 2nd one, with those marvelous tongues! lol
Wow, Vega looks SO handsome in that trim!! He's such a gorgeous dog, I think he looks great. :) Most poodles can't pull off such a short trim, he looks great though. I especially love the second to last picture, it really shows off how well built he is. I also, of course, love the pictures with the kissy dogs. How cute! I wish Desmond gave me kisses lol
What a fun day!!! I'm in Charlotte this weekend. Great pics.
what a great group of pics!

i've been loved by both a german shepherd and now my spoo. they are fantastic breeds.

oh and i'm loved by my cairns and eva, my lab x too (don't want anyone to feel left out).
Looks like they enjoyed their time at the park. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Two of my favorite breeds. :)
It's so fun to see dogs having fun with their people. Nice photos!
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