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I've been hanging around the forum for some time trying to find information on breeders. I've been trying to get a Standard Poodle puppy since before this year, and I'm considering a couple of options.

Has anyone had any experience with Varsity Kennel, breeder is Allan Chambers? I see he's in the Poodle Club of America's list of breeders, so that's a good sign, but we wanted to see if anyone has anything to say about the program? His puppies are very expensive, so we're a little hesitant, although we're not trying to just go for the cheapest option either.

We're also interested in Precisely Poodles, and we've talked with the breeder and feel good about it, but we wanted to see if anyone has any experience with them? They're pretty new breeders, especially compared to Allan.

Does anyone have any advice or experiences with any of these breeders? Thank you!
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