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Vaccinations and preventative maintenance

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I read so many different things on this I am truly having a hard time with what I should/should not do.

SO my questions to ALL would be in regards to yearly (after the first year shots)- what do you do with your dogs for monthly or yearly PM? I know some states vary this question in regards to rabies.

Also what do you use if anything for a heart worm medication and fleas?

I hear of the downside in some of this now with cancers etc and it concerns me, AS Well how do the Vets feel about these things? I know when I mention breeder mine rolls his eyes, just being honest and it can be hard at times to get the questions answered that I want so I am learning to change my delivery on that because I respect and have learned a lot from breeders and many on here.

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I try to go easy on the vaccines with my dog (and future dogs). I do however take my dog out alot and he is exposed to alot. I want him protected, and i for one Believe in vaccines (not all of them). Riley is vaccinated for rabies- 3 year (law to have it here), distemper- 3 year, and lepto. I dont give him lymes, and we dont even carry that vaccine as we have seen so many reactions to it. Lepto is coming back in a big way around my area. I track with Riley alot, and we go to forest preserves, parks, have wild animals in our yard, etc. Those are the vaccinations i give him, and the ones i will give my future dogs depending on where i live (why give lepto if it is not a problem near you).

I absolutely give monthly year round heartworm treatment. HW can do so much damage (besides death) that i dont chance that. I use heartgard, iverheart, and sentinel (depending on which rep. gives us free product :D). I use frontline plus if needed for ticks.
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