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Vaccinations and preventative maintenance

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I read so many different things on this I am truly having a hard time with what I should/should not do.

SO my questions to ALL would be in regards to yearly (after the first year shots)- what do you do with your dogs for monthly or yearly PM? I know some states vary this question in regards to rabies.

Also what do you use if anything for a heart worm medication and fleas?

I hear of the downside in some of this now with cancers etc and it concerns me, AS Well how do the Vets feel about these things? I know when I mention breeder mine rolls his eyes, just being honest and it can be hard at times to get the questions answered that I want so I am learning to change my delivery on that because I respect and have learned a lot from breeders and many on here.

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I am very conservative with my vaccination schedule. I completely stopped any and all vaccinations on my now 12 year 7 months old cat when she was 4 years old. My dogs get the required rabies vaccines every three years and Romeo, my cream standard male got that, but not any booster shots. My red standard and my havanese are both going to need their rabies this year along with booster shots, so they will get that and along all three dogs will get titers. We are out and about all the time and go to the dog park twice a day most days. I also don't give my dogs flea preventative unless I see flees or flea dirt.
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