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Urine Crystals?

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A couple of nights ago Murphy peed on the edge of the deck when I put her out before bed. I didn't have any water handy to clean up and it was dark so I left it.

The next day was sunny and I had forgotten about the pee from the night before. I was reminded when the area looked sparkly - must have been crystals in the urine, right?

She's showing no other signs of a bladder infection and eats premium high protein kibble and raw food, both of which are suggested to lower urine pH to prevent crystals.

I can't find anything on the internet to indicate whether I should be concerned or not, but I'm planning to take her (and a urine sample) to the vet.

Has anyone had a similar experience?
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I agree. There's alot of bad information there. Why in the world would anyone use distilled water...bottled water is bad enough. Distilled water has been stripped of all minerals...Iron for healthy blood, calcium for strong bones and teeth, Magnesium, zinc, copper...minerals required by all organisms for optimal health. So after you've stripped the natural sources of all trace minerals from your dogs diet do you supplement with manufactured vitamins, filled with who-knows-what?

The minerals found in water are not the minerals that form large crystals in dried urine. And believe it or not...all public water supplies are monitored continuously (often by more than one agency) for chemical content and that information is readily available to anyone who requests it. This is not necessarily true for purveyors of bottled water.
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