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Update to PoodleAdm and members:

I am encountering problems with the free and easy photo hosting site, postimages.org, which I historically used for the contest photos. I used them b/c as a PF member, I had a limit on the number of photos I could upload using PF software, and they were small unless you clicked on a pic.

Today, I can access the Postimage.org — free image hosting / image upload site but not a single photo in any of the monthly contest albums will load, and I get a message for each photo: "503 Service Unavailable. The server is temporarily busy, please try again later."

This happened once before in March 2019 when they encountered a big jump in their server expenses and I think had to go from .com to .org., which caused a problem in links to the photos than many PF members used. Back then Yung was able add a line of code to PF, so that all postimage photos would show. It was resolved that time.

I sent them an email, and we'll see if they respond if this is temporary problem, etc.

Ideally, now that PF has a new forum format, I'd like to use PF for the photos. Is there a max on the number of pics we can upload?

Max number of photos for a post or in an album? Just to clarify my answer best.

I've brought this forward with our techs, can you supply a username for the GR forum so we can follow up with them and collect information that way too


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Gerrit - Yes, I have the same user name there, Vita. The Super Mod at GR who uploads their Voting Poll is IvyAcres.

Be clear, that the issue with the Voting Poll we've both experienced is that as soon as you post it, it says "This poll will close: a minute ago." If I click the edit button, it shows the correct closing date on the edit, but this is not reflected on the thread even when I try to save it. Ivyacres has this screenshot too, below:



An unrelated question is what is the maximum number a photos that can be placed in a single post?
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