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Hi all,

brand new member here. I spent the last few weeks browsing around the site. So many interesting topics and always something to learn!

We have loved and raised Standards for 25+ years. We recently lost our beloved 13 year old Daddy's girl. She was such a joy and we loved her every minute we had her. We still have a 4 year old standard (black male) who is ready (like we are) to share our love with a new member of the family.

We are looking for advice on high quality standard breeders in the upper midwest (MN, WI, IL, etc). We are in southeast MN. A bit of distance is no problem as we are willing to put the effort in to find a great addition to our family. We would like to find (or get on a waiting list) for a white female.

I found a few older threads with some recommendations but times change and was hoping to get some advice from others on here.

Looking forward to learning from all of you.

Thank you!

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Hi There Poodle Mom!

I am in the Twin Cities and am a member of the Twin Cities Poodle club, so I know most of if not all the local reputable MN breeders.

My dogs come from Musique Standard Poodles, I have a cream boy and a black boy. Both are finished champions and are working on performance titles. Musique Poodles is also a member of the Twin Cities Poodle Club as well as the Poodle Club of America. The breeder is a veterinarian and fully health tests her dogs. She has a litter planned this spring, that if I'm not mistaken, should produce white/cream. She has a website.

Also, Starfleet Poodles in Rochester is another one to consider. They are also planning a litter this year, I believe. The mom of the pups is my cream boy's daughter. They also fully health test their dogs and prove them in the show and performance ring. They also have a website.

I do know of others out there who have litters planned as well in other states.

Good luck with your search.

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