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Charlie Hendrix Barker The standard poodle
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Hello everyone. Charlie is going on 11 weeks and some change and we decided to start doing some leash training. The first thing we did was use a lead but needless to stay he was not fond of that and would yelp and pull and then sit down without budging ,even if treats were offered. So the next day I tried a harness. I put the harness on him and he was comfortable with that on. So I then put the leash on and we did the treats again and he followed me no problem , he even started to out run me at a full gallop but we got it under control. We did two laps back and forth in the parking lot of our condo and he did really well, but I know practice makes perfect.

Crate trying was a bust so I did something a bit different and I will take any guidance or difference of opinion . I have a custom crate built under the stairs in my condo , it is where my German shepherd sleeps and likes to lounge. Charlie and my chiweenie Godzilla are too small and and can squeeze through the bars no problem . Charlie and zilla both had their own kennels and they did not want to sleep in them even after we would give them a treat and ignore the noise. However our condos are joined so it can grate on the neighbors nerves and that is something we want to avoid. We took the kennels back and then let them sleep in our rooms. I know that may not be great with potty training and all but it has worked well , maybe a few accidents but we put potty pads down and now they let us know when they need to go. So all in all its a work in progress but its going well. Zilla loves my wife and son and sleeps under them, Charlie on the other hand likes it cold, does not like blankets or pillows . He will sleep in the doorway of the front door on a 30 degree day here in California. He is content. Does anyone else have a standard poodle that does that? He also will sleep behind the couch where the wall is to coolest .

lastly just for fun here are pics of charlies mom and dad
I registered him with the AKC and wow he comes for an extremely long line and I have his family tree ready to be framed.
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