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UKC Rally Weekend

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Neely and Hobbes had a nice two-trial day in UKC rally last Saturday. Neely earned two legs toward his URX7 (each is 10 Qs in Level 2 and 3--it's repeatable and he has URX6) and two legs toward RMX (10 QQQs, Levels 2, 3, and Master). He also earned a leg and points for RMG, the next title now that he already has RMC. He earned a couple of perfect scores and all his runs were over 90, so they earned All Star points.

Hobbes only showed in Level 3, but he earned his title after picking up the first leg in January. He had a perfect score in the first run and blew a 98 when he had a bobble in the honor stay after his run that cost him 10 points. We'll see if he can learn the Master signs well enough to enter the next time we can get to a trial--which might not be until September.

That's Hobbes on the left and Neely on the right. There was a definite Earth Day theme to the ribbons!
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If you're curious, here are Hobbes' two runs for his title:

Run 1 (second leg):

Run 2 (title leg):
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