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Sammie went on a walk in the woods, and as a result I spent the evening picking 40 TICKS off of him! Most of them were tiny things about the size of a period. I'm sure I missed some. I'll have to check again today.

What's the tick situation for you? I usually find 3-10 ticks on the dog a week, and we check ourselves almost daily. It's gotten worse as the weather warms up. Thank God we haven't gotten lyme disease. I already had it when I was nine and do NOT want it again.
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If I take any of my dogs in the woods or up to the state park I will spray them with Flea and Tick spray right before we head out for a walk. We are pretty lucky that we do not have any *knock on wood* ticks, maybe one or two but thats only if we go into the tall grass.

Good luck! :)
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