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Personally, I think that Panties Boy has separation issues. I do not think that there are any physical ailment. He is very submissive to Spenc. He does, usually, what he is told. We had an issue with ProblemChild right after he was separated from his family jewels. He was having accident in his crate. Normally he was usually very good, for a puppy, about holding it until it was time to go outside. We knew it was completely out of character for our new addition to be acting in this way. Spencer some research and found that it could be caused by the medicine he was taking for pain. He was half way through the medicine prescribed to us so we contacted our vet and decided to take him off of it. No more accidents of that kind since.

With P we have noticed no abnormal signs. His accidents seem to come one of two ways. They either are when Spencer has left his sight or when he feels that she has been in contact with other dogs. This is my reasoning for thinking that this is a separation issue we are working with. I do not believe that it is a dominance things. Just as I previously mentioned, he is very submissive to Spenc. I think that he feels threatened in some way. He will bark as other dogs or people pass. He is not aggressive by any means. I believe that he feels he is needs to protect her in any situation (I am not meaning dominance protection. I believe that he would give up his tiny body to save hers). This is where our decision to try and socialize him more often than we do comes to play. He has some jealousy issues, no doubt about that.

I am no Cesar Millan but I have watch enough reruns to know that we cannot put human emotion behind our furry children actions. So, with that said we will continue to search for a solution to our problem with out making excuses for him. Thank you so much for you suggestions and concerns. I cannot express to you how much it means us each to have somewhere to turn when we need a little extra advice. Spencer is very concerned for the well-being of all who reside in our household. I know that we will find an answer and give P every opportunity to live a stress free life in his now forever home.

Again, thank you guys so much and we would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions that you have so please keep them coming!
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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