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Well, my mind keeps going back to giardia b/c she gets better, then it starts again. Poor thing has been out in the yard (when I'm away) for three weeks now. I bought her a dogloo b/c I feel so guilty.

I am wondering, if it was giardia, and the sample we took to the vet was from a 'normal' day, would they still find something or do we have to wait to an abnormal day?

The chicken and rice did it's trick. We mixed back in the kibble and then when she was on full kibble (b/c Tripe was defrosting. I should note the breeder told me to just do tripe and no kibble as a remedy as she's a big tripe fan and thinks processed food is too hard for digestion...we were compromising by doing 1/2 and 1/2 since we got her) it started again. We threw out all our kibble wondering if it could be a bad bag since I bought it at a new store and it was bigger than our usual ones, and started over. Yesterday, on 1/2 kibble and 1/2 tripe she had a loose stool again. So for the rest of yesterday while a new tripe was defrosting she had chicken and rice. Today she is on full tripe and we will see how it goes.

Could she have suddenly developed sensitivities to a kibble she's been on since she started solids?

Also, what do you all think about dried duck jerky? Her kibble and "cookies" (made of the same stuff as the kibbles) are what we stuff a kong with so if I'm going to try eliminating those for a while, I am wondering what else I can stuff it with that would have some crunch. Poor dog got an ice cube covered with probiotics in her kong today. And yes, I realize the ice cube could kill some of the probiotics but I was at a loss.

Aside from the loose stools, her demeaner, behaviors and appetite continue to remain normal.

Dh wants to take her into the vet.

Thank you everyone!
We had one like this and our vet had us strt her on Fiber pill and it worked. So dunno ... Could it be that our dog foods do not have enough fiber?
The giardia test is pretty simple to do BTW.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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