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Welcome to Trick Club! This month's trick is a two-parter, courtesy of EVpoodle and the AKC novice trick dog checklist:

Get In / Sits in Box

Teach your poodle to 1) get in a box and 2) sit in the box on cue. Here's a video to get you started:

Find another helpful resource? Share it here! Share your challenges and share your breakthroughs, too. Already mastered this trick? Try proofing it in a new location, with new distractions, or with a twist of your choosing.

Progress pics and polished pics—all are welcome. Or share a video, so we can see your poodle in action.

Happy training!

Robin & Peggy

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We started! Annie has a lot of practice with "go on this thing for a treat" and "target this thing with your feet" which helped.

First - I tried luring her into a box. No go. The only vaguely spoo sized box we have has really tall sides and would be a tight squeeze. Tried a couple luring methods, asking for her paws, etc. Asking her to put her feet up on the box . She said, no way am I putting paws in there!

So, I practiced getting her on the lid to the box to get her used to the feel of the material.

Then I worked on getting her to put her feet in other, smaller, shorter, stable boxes.



Came inside, had a flash of inspiration- a large "box" with very low sides. Practiced walking through it, back and forth, then stopping in it, then sitting/stay.

Back outside. She will now put her feet in the big box! Done for today, hoping I find a better/easier box to continue with.


My next plans are to work on getting her to sit with her front feet in the smaller boxes, then, work on sit with just her hind end in a box. As always, trick training is very dog-driven.

(Oh - I feel like this should be an easy ish trick for Annie. As a puppy, she LOVED lying down and sleeping in her litter box (ew). Pity I tossed it, it was an under bed storage box and would be a good spoo sized box)

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Annie here : how bouts we jump OVER the box?

(Annie's human - challenge accepted, though this may take some work. Step one. Find a spoo sized box)
If you go to a store and ask for a leftover packaging box, you'll likely find one big enough for your needs. Sadly, dog food and things like that that would be big enough to fit a spoo usually come in either wrapped in plastic or in their own individual box for selling (at least here in the U.S.), so you'll have to go somewhere other than a pet store, much to Annie's likely dismay. Typically the ones used to hold napkins/toilet paper are the biggest, although they do tend to have holes in the bottoms to save on packaging.

Is a cat in a basket cheating? View attachment 469255
I won't tell. 🤫

Oh... And Fluffy is wondering if a laundry basket of clean clothes counts? 🤣
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