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Touch is how I taught Annie to use potty bells. She was a potty bells abuser, so that ended quickly! Also how I taught spin and I use it for heeling a bit. Paw targets are how I taught her to flick off floor lights and press a talking button thingy and to cross her legs. Hmmm..... It's been a while, but it would be fun to put the Christmas tree on the floor light switch so Annie can turn them on and off.

This month we have been working at touch as a distance offleash recall thing. Everytime I decide she is too far off leash, I stop. She runs back to me, and I now require a touch to my hand with her nose before we keep walking (I grab her collar at the same time, then release, sometimes with a treat, although continuing walking is enough of a reward most of the time). The idea is for me standing still to be an implicit recall AND give me an opportunity for a collar grab.

Being Annie, she has now decided she doesn't understand the word touch in non offleash running situations. I may need to get out the clicker and work on it again!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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