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Training a 1 year old

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Is our 1 year old still a "puppy" for training purposes or are there generally different guidelines or methods we should be following? He was once a pretty relaxed, easy-going puppy, but after a lengthy medical issue and numerous hospital visits and some maturity (I assume), he's gotten a bit more aggressive with barking at people who come over and excited nipping at my kids when playing (not aggressive or mean). I can't stand the barking and need to put an end to it - both when someone comes over and when we have him out on a leash. Would you suggest I follow the same protocols that have been mentioned on the boards for younger pups, or is there a resource that's more specific for 1 year olds?
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Training is essentially the same. I still consider a 1 year old a puppy. Is Henley play biting with the kids? Are they trading him a chew toy whenever he starts getting nippy with them?
How old are your kids and have they been tought how to play nicely with a puppy?
Can you describe the barking situation in more detail? Does Henley have free run of the house when guests are over? Does he still have a crate to use so he can settle down for a little bit when guests arrive? Do your guests encourage him to jump up and get all excited? If yes, you need to ask them to help too (keep puppy calm). The more info the better.
Looks like Henley has had a rough first year. I hope things turn around for the better!
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