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Hi. Any suggestions on best harness for toy poodle?
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The other design, the Bond and Co or the Doggie Design come smaller. This is my boys in the DD harness about two weeks after we brought them home. Their weight (chest measurement forgotten) was 4lb for the bigger and 3.2lb for the smaller at the time of the photo. (Plus fur :)) The xx-small in these is a chest measurement (taken just behind the front legs) of 9-11". The Bond and Co xx-small is 10-12" so a bit bigger.
Doggie Design brand xx-small 9"-11" chest. These fit my boys up to about 6lb.

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I understand. Thank you.
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I have another question. What do you use to wipe genital and behind area?
Are you cleaning up messes in the area or just generally wiping after? It would really help if you'd post a photo of your pup :)
General wiping of those 2 areas after.
Unless there is residue, I don't normally wipe. If the hair is trimmed for sanitary needs, there shouldn't be a need.

If fecal matter is still attached, it's either a butt bath or water wet baby wipes with a drop of shampoo depending on the size of the attachment.

Honestly, unless there's diarrhea or the sanitary area isn't trimmed, there's rarely a need.

This photo may seem "rude" but if you can't see the area, it's not a sanitary trim and you will end up cleaning after every time
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I'm not sure if you're asking regarding a boy or girl pup. For either, routine cleaning after urinating just isn't needed, unless they're urinating all over themselves.

Similar to the rear sani trim, the hair around the area should be trimmed back.

If urinating on legs, it will depend on how much whether it's a leg bath or another water wet baby wipe with a drop of shampoo.
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If you want to wipe every time after any elimination as a personal preference, then look for a wipe with very few additives if you don't think a damp kleenex will do.

This brand is recommended for human infants and should be fine for poodle hair and skin also.

Toddler & Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin | WaterWipes US
On the not so common occasions that Elroy needs a clean-up back there, I use a water dampened paper towel when we get home.
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Hi. Any suggestions on best harness for toy poodle?
I love Lil Pals by Coastal Pets ! The mesh is lightweight and not so thick meaning…on the tummy area !!
My boys wear their collars for ID when we're out of the house. For walks, I add the harness for Remo.
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Goodness, they’re so cute.
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