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How do they go about docking their tails?
We have a couple methods that we do. WE were shown by VERY ancient breeders who are no longer with us.

One method is called "banding" in which you put an elastic around the tail and the tails shrinks and falls off with no surgery. Of course there are important details for this proceedure (do not try this at home).

Of course a lot of people will just go to the Vet but that involves surgery and a suture and stressing mom and pups out and also risk exposure to sick animals.

One thing I can tell you... we have had our natural tails caught in wheel chairs (we did a lot of Pet Therapy in nursing homes) and ran over (same patient if you can believe it) and also caught in doors and honestly a tail docking at 3 days of age is a way lesser evil from the dog's perspective.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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