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Toronto Groomers?

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Does anyone know of any good groomers in the Toronto area?

I don't need any show style clip, just well done cuteness, but still, I don't want to take my baby to just anybody.

She's in need of a trim, as she's nearing 17 weeks. So if anyone has any recommendations, they would really be appreciated.

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Are you in the east end or west end?? My first full time boss, who used to own The Poodle Showcase at Royal York and Bloor, is still grooming in the west end and she is phenomenal. If interested, PM me and I will give you her phone number.
Thanks a ton to both of you!
Hands down.. The BEST place in TO is Spaw Boutique at King street west, just west of Bathurst. Eve is so totally awesome and 'gets it' when you ask for a cute cut. In the beginning I showed her pics and she got it done perfectly! Now I just drop Snoops and Orville off and she knows what to do. She even takes time to de matte vs shaving them bald and will always consult with you first. She really takes her time and it's a really fun and relaxed environment there. I adore her and her amazing skills!
If you end up there tell her Snoops and Orville sent you :)
we are permanently based in the States now but will be flying home for a groom in a few weeks :)

Good luck!

Sorry for any typos.. Stupid iPhones ...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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