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Top Knot Sticky and Flat

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My 2yr old Black mini has had a problem with her scalp/hair on her top knot. It is always flat and sticky. I have tried different shampoos, lotions and other remedies to no avail. I have had her on different diets (currently she is on the raw food diet). She scratches around her head and ears quite a bit. Has anyone ever had experience with this problem?
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What shampoos have you used and how often do you bath her? It may be build up from the products your using. I know Olie seems to get this way close to needing his bath. But I have been reading about these products:


I am sure there are others that have used some of this and possibly some others but it's a start.
I only bathe her about once every two weeks and I use TropiClean Papaya Plus soap-free shampoo. I will look at your link and give it a shot. Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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