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Our trainer told my mom a lot of top agility competitors in Canada are getting Miniature Poodles. I can definitely see why, as they are full of drive and speed.

So I decided to look into what top Minis are out there.

The Canadian 2014 National agility team has one Miniature Poodle: AAC National Team

Team USA 2014 has three Miniature Poodles: 2014 AWC USA Team Announced! | USAgilityTeam.com

And the Crufts agility final in the UK had three Minis competing for the top honour (the video is worth a watch, jump to around minute 6 to see all three Minis compete): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udveJjdDVhU

So, why do you think Miniature Poodles seem to be a big choice for top competitors? And do your Poodles of any size have natural drive and ability, or have you had to work on those areas?
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