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toddy pics 13 months old

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heres some pics of toddy now he is all grown up bless him... he is loving going to agility training..... and im hopeing to use him at his first dog grooming comp im the future

we went over to the park the other day and i took some great pics well i think so as my baby is in them

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Very cute, he has lovely markings. He certainly is all grown up!
rhum a westie i groom that was at the park as well and toddy
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thank you Cdnjennga heres some more of the boy wonder

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Boy Wonder is adorable! I love a good Parti!!! ;)
He is gorgeous.....and so full-legged. Doesn't he get all messy on those fluffy legs? I have to bathe and brush Gino (he is 13 mos too) every couple days or else his legs would be skinny from shaving.
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