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Today was Grooming day

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TEddy and Ginger just came home from being groomed. I wish I had a camera!!!! I hate to admit it but TEddy is really very handsome - he is a beautiful silver beige - my goodness whata a difference! Will get my son to take pix soon.:high5: Of course my Gingie is pretty too! lol
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Glad they both look good!! Can't wait to see pictures!
I agree with Wonder! Get those pictures up so we can admire their
groom job too! LOL!
Be nice to poor Teddy. He's just a little boy. lol

Can't wait to see the pics of both Ted and Ginger.
That's a bit of a tease really :smile: I'm with the pack can't wait to see those pics Pamela.
I can't wait to see them too! boo hoo I hope I get a camera for Christmas! lol
Wow if they just got a fresh groom and you don't have a camera...sounds like you have the perfect excuse to take them to have some pictures taken!:tongue:

We will just all wait...for...pictures...of...them.....
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