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Aye! Aye! IPP it all comes down to training ;) I have never owned a male dog until the last few years and he is neutered and all of the males that I have fostered have been altered. But I have been around them and seen the good and the bad, my aunt and uncle are the worst dog parents in the way that they do not correct their dogs (Golden mixes) for ANYTHING! Once when they came to visit their dogs peed ON my dog marking and they did nothing :nono: but then I have been around my friends Standard Males and they are just fine as she corrects them when they "mark" where they should not.

As for aggression that depends on the dog, there are not a lot of aggression issues with Standard Poodle Dogs and being as smart as they are are easily trained to behave.

So yeah train him where to go and when to go and to play nice :)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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