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Some males never lift their leg...I think it is sometimes a learned behavior for some males. Some males seem to be born with it...like clockwork they start doing it without ever seeing another male dog before.

Now someone explain my female who hikes her leg....just kidding, she is just dominant because she happens to be our resident trouble starter!

Alot of the "male" behaviours are dominance related...unless the male is allowed to just wreak havic and mount and pee on everything, they rarely get too bad if left intact.

Of course that all changes when you bring a female into the picture...and it doesn't have to be in the same household. Fenton lets us know if anyone in about a 10 miles radius is in heat by howling. We just have to correct him and he will stop...but a few hours later he forgets again.

I think people make a bigger deal out of "male" issues then is really there...like when everyone wants a female puppy because they don't want it peeing on their furniture.
A lot of the supposed male or female bad behavior is just lack of proper training.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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