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Scooter is going on 8 months and is intact and I plan on leaving him
this way, I have no problems with him or out of him.

Does anyone have an intact adult male that DOES NOT lift his leg to pee but squats instead?
Scooter sometimes aquats, then sometimes lifts his leg.
What's the big deal with leg lifting anyways? Unless you're
speaking of scent marking and urinating in the house, I have no
problem with it as long as he is outside. :)

Does anyone's inact male not mark everything on a walk or hike?
So far no, believe it or not, he scent marks about two times
in our front yard when taken outside.

How is your male around other dogs, family or not?
He is a little shy around new people but would never hurt
anyone and is very submissive. He LOVES other dogs. :)

Does your intact male ever try to dominate or show agression?
Nooooo...he has no ego what so ever and my new bitch
dominates him.

Does your intact male try to fight for the alpha role?
Nope, he is still young but is the oldest male in the
household and hasn't shown any aggression at all.

How is the wandering issue with your intact male dog?
I am fine with him being intact, actually none of my family
has EVER had a male dog de***ed, it's always our bitches
that get fixed due to they won't get knocked up.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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