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I recommend a neuter within the appropriate time line. (Thank you,Roses!!!) Most family dogs are desexed in the U.S. When your male dog is not, he can become a target, because he’s different, a perceived threat by altered males. I had one male, that remained intact and we had a lot of drama, including emergency vet visits, due to attacks by neutered males. This was just walking in the neighborhood, always on a leash, minding his own pee mail business.
Wow, that's terrifying about the attacks! I have heard similar things from other people as well.

I have read that neutering is primarily a US phenomenon. Other countries, including Sweden and Norway, do not neuter their dogs (99% of their dogs are intact). I'm mainly leaning toward neutering my toy because eventually we'd like to get a second dog, and I think it would make him easier to live with a female, or even another male. He's such a perfect, mellow little guy now, the way he is, that I'm just worried that he'll end up sleeping most of the day if he's neutered.

Vanydog, I have heard that, too, about the dog theft. My little guy is only 5 pounds, so I'm always worried someone is just going to pick him up and walk off with him--I don't put him in that situation alone ever though. I've seen terrifying news stories of that happening with toy dogs, when people tie them out in front of a coffee shop or something like that, and then someone walks by and just picks them up and walks off with them. But I think he's so darn cute that they may try to do that still even if he was neutered!
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