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tips for bur / sticky seed removals?

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Sigh... twice this past week my mini poodle has been covered in tiny little sticky seeds with some burs thrown in for good measure. There is lots of long grassy areas where I live and its hard to keep her away - is there any easy way of getting these things out? I'm dreaming of a spray that dissolves them but thats just a dream...
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The best way to get burrs out of a long coat is with a comb, spray and your fingers. Spray the hair/burr and then either use a comb or your fingers to pull out small sections of hair away from the burr. Continue this until the burr is out and then comb through. I had to do this all the time with the horses! For stickers i find that a slicker brush works best to catch all those little things. Good luck!! Keeping her brushed out and applying a conditioning spray to her coat will make removal alot easier in the future!
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