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I just regretfully had to change groomers after several years for my three poodles. I really liked the groomers personally so this was difficult. My dogs had razor burn every single time and I complained about it every time i saw it and they would be better for a couple of times, then again the severe razor burn. One time I even had to take my toy poodle to the vet because the burn on her neck became infected and drippy.

When I found a new groomer I was shocked to see that she gave no burn what so ever and blew the dogs dry so that they were fluffy and beautiful.
I didn't know they could look so wonderful. She even took the stitches out for my dog after her tumor removal and spay. I tipped her graciously even though her prices were higher.

I payed 125 dollars plus a tip to groom two toy poodles and a Standard.
I thought the price was very low for the quality of the job she did. I would have paid 150 easily.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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