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thought this may help some people

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a fue of you said you liked my blended lamb trim so i thought id take pics of one i did today

this poodles owner likes a short trim so i do a 30 on the feet and the face a 10 on the tail 7f back

i do the face feet and tail and body clipping before the bath

bath and condition if needed and dry as normal

i go back over the back when the dog is dry with the same blade as before a 7f

on the legs i have comb attchments that i use to get them at the correct lenght i use the whal metal ones the blue one for this dog

i will comb them up and scissor them to finish

i hope the pics and diagrams will help some of you


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Good stuff....

Thanks a lot, that's the kind of info I've been looking for. I guess I need more investment in tools, too. I've got a cordless high speed which I use for feet and faces, and just got a Oster 5 with a 3f and a 10 blade. I guess I will need combs, and probably a 7f, right? :moneymouth:

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if you like a longer look on your standards back then a 3f will be good but it wont give a smooth finish without some hard work

a 5f or a 7f would be the best blades to use

the whal metal combs are the best ive ever used i use a 30 blade under them

the only tip i can really give is to make sure the coat is bathed well and completly dry and combed though before you even get the scissors out

good way to tell if the coat is clean is to make it sqweeky clean if you run your thumb over the rinced hair if it sqweeks its clean if i feels slimy then it needs more shampooing

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I love the Wahl snap on combs, wouldn't be without them. Even the clip off short, matted messes I do with the #2 snap. T is currently in a 3/4" snap on body with 2" legs (not sure what the colour or numbers of the snap on's are) He is quite long though and it's a fair bit of brushing between baths so he will probably come down a little next time.
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