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Thnking on a poodle

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So, I met a great Std Poodle on Saturday. He is 4 years old, neutered, polite, loving, housebroke, nice on the leash, knows a few tricks. His only apparent problem is that he kills chickens, which doesn't affect me at all since I live in the city.

His current owner has had him since 4 months, and told me that he used to get ear infections, but she hasn't had any problems since switching him to Solid Gold food. I am a total advocate of feeding free of by-products, corn, etc. In trying to decide on taking the dog, I have been looking at all kinds of foods to see what's what.

My other dog was eating Diamond L&R with no problems, but she was never allergic or prone to problems from diet. I am definitely going to try to step up from Diamond for the poodle, since he's been known to have problems. I am looking at Premium Edge or Chicken Soup, for the "quality for the $" factor. I know there are better, if you get into the 5- 6-star range on dogfoodanalysis.com, but you also start getting into the $60/bag range.

Any thoughts?
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Solid Gold is great dog food but yes it's $. I know I have said that I love Nautura pet foods which our California Natural, Evo etc. I went with Health Wise which is from the same company and I pay 29.99 a 35lb bag. My dogs love it and its grain free and no by products which is a must at my house. Im not into feeding my dogs poor quality foods so we have experimented with a lot of the high end foods. The Health Wise has been great for $$ and all my dogs (rat terrier, Pitbull, and 2 Standard Poodles) I love it!! LOL

Hope I could help some. I would be concerned about the cronic ear infection's though. What was he feeding before? Did he say?
I found Healthwise on the Natura Pet website, but it does not appear to be grain-free. What formula do you use?
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