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This boy needs home

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Awww I hope he gets a great home. Im far from Texas.
I'm not that far from TX, it's a neighboring state, but there would be
no way I could travel that far to get him, $50 rehoming fee...can't beat
I live in Greenville, Texas. Only and hour and a half away. I would love to have him, however, my husband would kill me. We have Rufus, my spoo, and 2 shih tzus. My daughter and granddaughter with their two dogs have moved in with us. IT'S A ZOO AROUND HERE!!!

He looks alot like Rufus. I so hope he gets a good home.
I hope he gets a good home, too. If we were closer, we'd definitely be seeing if he and Murphy wanted to be roomies.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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