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They grow so fast

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He turns 5 months in a couple of weeks. Sometimes I get frustrated with his rambunctious puppy energy but I know he's just a puppy with a puppy brain lol
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Leo is a gorgeous boy, I love his colouring.
Also, I don't think you are being unreasonable, its a service you pay for and youre in the right to expect to be satisfied with the results! 馃槉
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Here is his face..I shaved a bit more between the eyes..I don't know if I took off too much..lol. I also used my clipper and shaved more above the eyes so the hair is short and fades into the top knot..I took off some inches from the top knot to make it shorter and rounded it off. It's an amateur job bit it ensures he sees clearly.
For some reason his ears look alot shorter in this pic(angle)..but they are longer in person.
His crate is in the guestroom now but he prefers to be on the bed. I have a comforter just for him that I can switch out for guests. It is what it is lol.
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Oh he is so handsome 馃グ his face looks like he's the most gentle boy
Hahha..looks are deceiving.
He is very SWEET and loves everyone..he's a very outgoing and confident boy. He hasn't met a stranger and wants to greet everyone..dogs and people. He's not anxious and is stable which I knew he would be as breeder told me he was confident.

That said...he plays ROUGH.
Once we got past the toddler raptor stage..he became very good inside the home. He's not hyper inside and will just hang out when we are busy.
Obviously there are puppy behaviours like counter surfing since he's taller now etc but he's pretty calm inside for a puppy. He chases one of the cats as the cat hasn't put him in place like our other cat who is the Queen of the home lol so that's a work in progress.

That said..lately when we play fetch he gets so overstimulated and starts play biting me and body slams me etc..very rough. He's not aggressive as he's smiling the entire time..he just gets overstimulated and very demanding and that energy he doesn't really express inside comes out and it's all jump and pounce..
He sees me as his playbuddy since I've always made it part of the schedule to train via fetch as he loves fetch and running and I train obedience during it. But damn he's definitely not gentle doing play. He got better but since he turned 10 months he's back at it. So obviously I'm training that.
Sounds exactly like my Charlie. Sounds pretty normal to me as long as it is manageable!! Apart from that he sounds like a lovely dog. I'm sure with all that training it will get better very soon 馃槉

I totally get your "fears" because I'm a first time dog owner as well. I'd say on top of that, poodles aren't necessarily the easiest breed to own as a first time dog owner! Good luck to us ahaha
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