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They grow so fast

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He turns 5 months in a couple of weeks. Sometimes I get frustrated with his rambunctious puppy energy but I know he's just a puppy with a puppy brain lol
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Dog Water dog Carnivore Dog breed Companion dog
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Thank you! Arent they all?

I learned the shaving in between eyes tip from watching asian fusion videos..I want the groomer to get the area above eyes very short so it kind of fades into the top knot. That way the area around eyes will be very clean and short..which is key when you want a fluffy face.
I clip a little inverted V between the eyes and scissor the topknot with the scissors held vertically from the bridge of the nose. I recommend the Shirley Kalstone book on grooming poodles for beginners.
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I’m convinced they will chew up almost anything!
I teach the "Leave It" command to puppies. Over the past fifty plus years have not had anything destroyed. The dogs are, however, free to shred their own toys. So far it has worked quite well.
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