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Theo has a soft tissue injury

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My trainer in obedience class noticed Theo was walking funny throwing one leg out as he heeled next to me. Then I saw he was sitting funny, like a floppy puppy so we made a vet appointment.

He was sedated for an X-ray which was normal. The vet called it a soft tissue injury and he’s on two weeks of bed rest and Galliprant medication. No running, jumping, stairs etc.

I have no idea when or how he was injured. He never cried, I saw no accident. He was jumping and bouncing around like normal. I assume he wasn’t feeling much pain, or enough pain to avoid jumping on and off couches or rearing up to walk on his hind legs when he wanted.

I have him tethered to me on a 6’ leash. I’m so glad I had him tethered as a puppy for several months because he understands what it means and doesn’t fight it.

However he still wants to be active. It’s driving me nuts trying to stop all his jumping. I have to be quick to get him up or down before he does it himself.

I’m also thankful I can carry him up and down stairs.

What I didn’t expect was how it would change the dynamics with my other minipoo Babykins. I’ve had to stop them playing and they miss it terribly. She’s upset because Theo is often in her spot (tethered and can’t move). The dogs are used to going back and forth between couches and dog beds so they each get special time with Me and that’s disrupted.

We normally have an active schedule, and now we stay home, doing nothing. The only thing we have been able to do is a little Scentwork. But I have to be careful where I set hides so he doesn’t jump up or want to run and bounce while hunting.

We have one more week to go and I can’t wait. It’s exhausting to keep a 2 yo minipoo on bed rest when he doesn’t understand and wants to be active. I hope we all survive this last week.
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I’ll be wishing this week passes quickly for you!
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I’ve had a terrible-to-pill-dog. You don’t know until you’ve lived it. It doesn’t matter what tricks you have or what food you use or whatever. My JRT was the most discerning pill finder ever. Back to back dummies and loaded cheese/meat/peanut butter/butter/you name it. She would deftly pop out any pill and then look for the next bit. She would take the pilled treat, then the unpilled dummy, then the pill would ptooey right out - it was unreal. Plus she was little so it was darn near impossible to get large capsules in her since they were as big as her throat! And I would feel absolutely terrible if they broke during these shenanigans and made her paw at her face and her eyes water.

Phoebe is particular so we don’t use hartguard (heartgard?) since it is so large and hard to pill because it crumbles. At least she’s just particular and not a magician like my JRT was (and it sounds like Theo is!)
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Hurrah for Theo feeling better!

In my early teens I had a Siamese cat who was nigh on impossible to pill. On one vet visit the patronising and supercilious male vet prescribed AB tablets and I explained how tricky she was and asked him to show me how to get them into her. "It's extremely simple", he said "you hold the cat like this and the tablet so then you just open the cat's mouth and..." There was a split second of violent activity, then the pill was in one corner, the cat in another and the rather less supercilious vet was sucking a long gash on his thumb. Back to the burrito after that.
It’s quite satisfying to see someone with arrogance knocked down a peg or two! Thank goodness I’ve never had to pill Johnny (and he’s the only cat I’ve ever had!). More than once, vets have given up on looking in his mouth because he completely refuses to let them open it. And he loves it there! Likes talking to new people and getting petted and lets them look him all over. He explores the room and isn’t shy at all. But if he’s not yawning, you’re not going to see inside his mouth!
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