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the stare

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I have a standard poodle puppy Kyenne, and a 3/4 standard, Trevor. They both have taken to staying where they are and staring at me when i call them. Trevor has pretty much done this from day one although a bit better. He just stands perfectly still as if you can;t see him and does not come. He has always gotten a treat for coming since puppyhood.

I am guessing it is the independent streak in the dog. I have never had poodles before and never had my dogs so unwilling to come when called in the yard unless someone is outside distracting them.

Anyone else? kind of makes me feel liek they are not excited about seeing me with the same exhuberance my other breeds displayed.
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Ah yes--My Holly is a master at the Stare. It's like she's seriously contemplating which of her two loves, me or the yard is more important at the moment I call her. I've never had a dog actually look like they are "contemplating" between two things. We've started giving Holly a jackpot treat every few times she's called in from the yard--sometimes it's just a lot of little jerky treats, sometimes it's a small cube of cheese (which she lives for). So she never knows if she's going to get some yummy goodness when she comes in!
Oh yes...the stare.
First,Gunther goes into his 'freeze' mode and then we stare at each other.
Eventually,he comes trotting towards me,but it always has to look like HE decided to do it,not because he listens.
Those defiant poodles:banghead:
Ohh good it's not just me :smile: T has done this from the first day he came home, he is getting better but we still need to do more work on a long lead so he comes every time. I was the same as you sbcvulcan have never had a dog that actually contemplates his options before coming, the GSD comes the minute he sees you, half the time you don't even have to call him :rofl:
YES! Wrigley does this and I swear - when it is freezing out or late at night and he does this it makes me crazy! Then when he does decide to come, he is so happy and bouncy, I can't stay mad for too long.
lol oh the stare! you mean when you call them in from the yard and they are just frozen on the spot staring at you? or when you want them to come and they look at you like - what was that? I dont' think I heard you! lol love it!
Oh thank god! I thought I was alone on this too! I just figured Trixie was being a jerk and not listening. Or she just doesn't care enough to come to me. She eventually comes when she knows I have a treat for her.
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