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The Squirrel Tree

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Dog memories are amazing. Two years ago one of the trees in my neighborhood burst into fruit during the summer. It was squirrel central for about a week, until the critters ate all the berries and moved on to other trees.

Pogo still remembers that glorious week. Every time we walk past the tree he insists on stopping. He carefully scans the ivy bed, the trunk, and the trunks of neighboring trees. He looks up into the canopy and examines the branches. Only after he has satisfied himself that there are no squirrels will he then continue our walk. Every. Single. Time. Two years after squirrel week.
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That’s a poodle for you. They pattern train so quickly. Smart Pogo.
Isn't that cute! And people say dogs don't remember...
Many years ago we sent one of our standard poodles to the UK to be shown there. He lived there for about a year and returned to the US. About 7 or 8 years later the English handler came to the US to judge, so I took him to see her. He walked up to her with no sign of recognition at first, then he just dissolved into happy wiggles. Yes, dogs (and horses) remember people and other animals very well.
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Annie remembers where she threw up 3 months ago and still tries to find the spot to see if there is anything still there to eat. Also where I made her drop a dead bird 6 months ago, where we scared a skunk once, etc, etc. Sigh. Unfortunately our squirrel trees are because people feed them, so are ever-present and ever-occupied.

We had a poodle cross, and moved across the country. As she got older she was distant and not as friendly with strangers. A few years later, one of my best friends/neighbours from before we moved, who she had known since puppyhood, came to visit. She barked, then sniffed the air with an arrested expression and practically melted in joy. I laugh at people who say dogs/other animals dont remember things, they have obviously never been loved by one.
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