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The small places your dog likes to sleep?

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For the most part Riley likes to spread out when he sleeps. Either on his beds on the floor, or the couch. He was on a kick for awhile where he Loved to sleep in this chair. He is a big 70lb dog, and he curled up Super tight to fit!

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Thats so cute and I will try to take a shot next time I see it happening but imagine this Olie weighing about 24 lbs right now; about a month ago goes and lays on Aoki's bed who is 7lbs - It was priceless and I did go for the camera but there's this thing in my house when they know mom's going for the camera they completely change whatever it was they were doing........:eek:hwell:

Lincoln (my mini boy) he is either laying across the couple inches my bookcase has of space, sleeping in the dogs toy box, or pulling out all the blankets on my shelf and sleeping inside there.

Thankfully, the rest of the pack are normal lol
Riley sure did manage to squish in there. I dont blame him, that's a comfy looking chair!

Ray-Ray is kind of small at 12 lbs, but his favorit place to sleep is squished up behind Molly's knee when she sleeps on her side. That's a pretty tiny place and warm, too.:)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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