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Welcome and Hello, Poodle Lovers!

My name is Vita, and I have been an active member since Sept 2017. In early December 2019, VericalScope did a major change in the platform, and decided an update in the Rules were needed.

Exactly three weeks ago, I was appointed Super Moderator. In addition to learning how to use the new platform as a Super Moderator, I joined the effort to updating the forum's rules, and it is my vision that everyone is treated with respect.

I threw myself into this project. This involved:
  • Becoming very familiar with the Terms of Use (TOU) and eliminating the overlap with the previous rules as requested,
  • Researching PF conflict threads since 2009 and at other dog forums for their history of issues that trigger conflicts,
  • How other mods on multiple forums have handled conflicts and whether these were effective over time,
  • Reviewed Internet laws and lawsuits between members on a variety of forums, and
  • Updating The Rules, which I taken through multiple drafts 'to get it right', while staying true to the original rules and the TOU, so all members can best be served and feel treated with respect.
  • Adding a nice visual presentation to The Rules so members are more likely to read them.
In the next post on this thread are The Rules - Updated. Certain rules have been combined, re-ordered for easier reading, and are very precise to add clarity and avoid confusion.

Thus is essence, nothing is different from the 2009 Rules. Certain behaviors are better defined, particularly issues of respect, and there is inclusion of a few other rules or statements over the years by the original founder T O D D, our long time Super Moderator Plum Crazy, and our long time administrator, Yung.

I am open to feedback, but only by PM. This is to give every member the opportunity to freely express their thoughts without a small group dominating the discussion. It is very important that our least vocal members have a say in the matter, so any attempts to subvert this process by starting a protest thread will be met with a temporary suspension.

Feedback can be as small as catching typos, or making little or big suggestions.

There are now only 8 basic rules whereas before there were 19! Most of these have definers, or subrules, so members and future moderators will be clear. If you have thoughts or disagreement with one of the rules, please identify by number which particular rule it is.

I expect dozens to a hundred PM's from members giving feedback and hope the quieter members join in. If you want to send in more than one PM, please keep it on the same PM chain. Please not start a brand new PM.

I won't have time to personally respond to every PM. You will know I read it when I respond with a simple checkmark icon or other icon.

Members have a week to PM me about this. I'll then take them all in consideration, after another week (or two, if swamped) will briefly reopen this thread to share the most common or unique comments and suggestions, but for the privacy of members, your comment(s) will remain anonymous. Afterwards the updated rules may be tweaked, but until then, these are the new updated rules.


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The Rules listed below are comprehensive, and to clarify or are in addition to the Terms of Use.


1. Treat other members with respect and use civility in debating issues.

Tip: Instead of using an emotionally charged word or phrase, look for a neutral substitute.

This is so everyone can enjoy the forum. We encourage members to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, opinions, and facts. Certain negative responses do not change anyone’s mind or opinion and may cause bad feelings. If you cannot debate a topic or issue with civility, it will be best that you do not respond to the post.


2. We will have disagreements and often learn from these, because there is more than one way to do or view certain things. Having members from various backgrounds with different opinions guarantees that differences will arise. Disrespect will not be tolerated.

An important rule in the Terms of Use (TOU) is that no member is to “Restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying the Web Site”. This is found in the Submission category of the TOU.

Violation of this generally happens when a member communicates disrespect to another, overly or covertly. I have taken a great deal of time categorizing the various forms of disrespect so everyone, including future moderators, will be clear in how this looks and plays out.

Below, disrespect is categorized but is not exhaustive, and may result your comment or thread being deleted or locked, or in a simple warning, temporary suspension or possibly a ban depending on the context or severity. This includes your using the private message system to disrespect another member. These are specific to be as clear and comprehensive as possible:

2.1 Insulting, belittling, browbeating, haranguing, dictating or speaking to others in a demeaning manner, which includes hazing new members, newbies or others for their lack of knowledge.
2.2 Comments designed to publicly humiliate
2.3 Spreading vague, mean, untrue and/or malicious gossip to incite others to dislike a member
2.4 Joining in or ganging up with a member on a thread who is being disrespectful to another
2.5 Sabotaging or undermining the enjoyment of an OP who specifically created a bragging rights type of thread about their dog, its accomplishments or appearance, by making denigrating comments or bringing negativity to that thread
2.6 Encouraging others to do any of the above
2.7 Being demanding or intrusive by repeating the same question to a member who ignored it the first time, or, asking a rhetorical question that is really a disguised, negatively judgmental statement
2.8 Hijacking or derailing a thread with a far off topic; it is best to start your own thread
2.9 Trolling - posting provocative or inflammatory comments or threads to bait other users into responding
2.10 Flaming - a lengthy exchange of angry or abusive messages between users
2.11 Sending PMs to a member after they have asked you not to, you must comply with this
2.12 Doing or threatening to do harm in tangible or non-intangible ways to a member, forum moderator, and/or VerticalScope staff person. It will result in an immediate permanent ban with or without warning. Moderators are volunteers here to serve the community. They are not here for you to take your anger out on because something didn't go your way.


3. Do not create posts that disrupt the peace and harmony of this forum. This section is a little different from issues of disrespect.

Poodle Forum is inclusive and has members from every walk of life: economic class, education, religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender orientation, and political beliefs. In addition, the majority of members own poodles which they purchased, rescued, were given, or bred, and their dogs come from a variety of backgrounds too. Members who own mixed-breed poodles are also welcome.

3.1 Members are not to target, provoke, disparage or be disrespectful toward others based on their background differences and circumstances. This is a form of bigotry and is very divisive. In particular, conversations about hot-button political issues or religion rarely turn out well, so do not start one.

3.2 Also already covered in the TOU but worth repeating: Do not post threads, comments or photos that are considered obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, homophobic, discriminatory, promote violence or violate of any local or international laws. This includes links in your signature, profile, posted images, photos and avatars. A moderator will ultimately decide if something is appropriate or not.

3.3 Do not attempt to overtly or covertly undermine the purpose of any subforum or forum because it doesn’t suit you or for other reasons.

3.4 Do not make "good-bye" and "I quit" posts stating you are leaving PF, or encourage other members to quit or boycott Poodle Forum, or stating that a member quit, or asking why a member was banned.

If you have personal information that a member is critically ill and gave you permission to share this, you may, but do not share their diagnosis unless they have consented to this too.

3.5 Do not annoy others by cross-posting the same message in the same or multiple forums. Do not mass-PM multiple members of this site the same message.

3.6 Unless you have something new to add to an old thread, avoid "necroposting". We encourage you to enjoy old threads, but rather than resurrect a zombie thread from the dead, please start a new thread.

The types of exceptions are adding photos about your poodle in the Rainbow Poodles subforum, or your experiences with a particular breeder, new medical information on a rare disorder, or another ongoing type of thread.


4. You are accountable for your own posts or remarks.

The internet, texts, and emails, and posts do not convey the body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice compared to a face-to-face conversation. Try to be clear when you communicate with other members to minimize misunderstandings and intent. Communication is a two-way street, so to avoid becoming over-reactive, re-read their comment before you press the 'post reply' button to make sure it this is what you want to say, particularly if you feel highly emotional about a certain topic.

If you cannot handle nasty criticism from others, don't be the first to be overtly or covertly nasty, passive aggressive, or hostile toward them and then complain to the mods you were offended when they gave you a snarky response. Each member that posts a response to a real or perceived personal attack may respond to see if they can work it out, but both parties and all who join in are cautioned to not encourage the discussion to become a verbal free-for-all brawl or flame war that divides the community. Instead, tell that member you are reporting them for their rude or offensive behavior toward you, or just do it.


5. Breeding & Breeders

First and foremost, nothing is written here that isn’t already in the previous main rules and elsewhere on Poodle Forum, or established by precedent.

Issues of breeders and breeding are probably the top, emotional hot button area that can quickly escalate, so members, you must be civil in your responses or you will receive a warning and/or your comment will be deleted.

Separate but indirectly related to this, as a member, owners of poodles and mix-poodles may share announcements, photos, and stories of your poodle’s pregnancy and litter. The Poodle Forum is not the Breeder Police - nor are its members. The Forum does not encourage breeding, nor can it restrict breeding.

Many of you have very specific ideas of what makes a quality breeder. These cover a wide range of issues, and opinions vary among members in what is important to them.

5.0 PF is not a broker for the direct selling of puppies, dogs, live animals, stud services or to facilitate breedings. All such threads and posts that attempt to do this will be deleted.

At the sole discretion of a Super Moderator, this can include requests or offers to "adopt or rehome". Unfortunately these words are more recently code words for "selling", or are outright Internet scams. These are nearly always seen by people who recently joined, who might also put links to puppy broker sites in a comment. Depending on the situation, the Moderator can ban such members.

On the other hand, a well-known, active, and longtime member who has become too ill to take care of their dog or has unusual circumstances preventing care may post a thread reaching out to their well-known, active, and longtime PF friends to request a home for their specific poodle. Keep in mind that even in these cases, Poodle Forum is not involved in any decision the two parties decide or the outcome.

Poodle Breeding - Subforum Rules

Poodle Forum has a subforum titled Poodle Breeding, found under the Poodle Talk subforum. It is the most common area where members ask questions about specific breeders or where to find a good breeder.

This subforum is also particularly dedicated to helping members with technical questions about all things related to breeding. It covers questions and discussions about DNA and other health testing, color genetics, planning a litter in the pre-breeding stage, pregnancy, whelping, and the care of infant puppies. Please place those kinds of questions or informational threads in this subforum.

5.1 If the concept of anyone breeding poodles except your designated favorite show dog breeders sets your teeth on edge, it’s best if you do not comment on them if you cannot contain yourself from bringing negativity, judgmentalism, drama or disrespect to that thread. Instead, start your own thread about the values of doing or not doing xyz, without referencing or attacking another member because you didn’t like their choices.

You are perfectly free to start a thread in this subforum about why breeding a certain way results in disasters, but if a member in a different thread asks a simple technical question, stay focused on their question and remember they posted for answers.

5.2 Poodle Forum does not endorse deliberately planned or breeding a poodle with another breed to get designer or mixed-breed puppies. Those threads will be deleted.

5.3 Rules of conduct covered in previous sections apply.

Breeders – the Poodle Breeder Directory subforum rules

Breeders, be aware that members will likely dissect and provide feedback about what you offer, which should be civil, but may or may not be positive

5.4 Established and participating members who are poodle breeders may post ONE self-promotional thread in the Finding the Right Puppy & Breeder - Directory of Poodle Breeders, which you may update at any time about what you offer on your contact websites and include photos. Again, you cannot directly sell puppies or stud services, other services, or discuss prices or do transactions on that thread, other threads, or in PM's/private conversations on Poodle Forum.

5.5 Threads of self-promotion by commercial breeders, puppy mill and pet shop representatives, and doodlers will be deleted.

5.6 You are not allowed to announce your services of cross-bred poodles in the Poodle Breeder Directory, as we will not allow promotion of the breeding or selling of mixed-breed poodles anywhere on the forum. We will not tolerate anyone promoting or advertising their kennel or services in this line of business.

Members Rules In The Poodle Breeder Directory Threads

Members may create a thread asking about a specific breeder, preferably in the Poodle Breeder Directory subforum which is located under the Poodle Talk forum. Please use the search bar first to see if information has already been posted. As a member, you may recommend, refer, and discuss breeders.

5.7 Members may not ask a breeder how much his/her puppies or dogs cost or attempt to make direct transactions, either publicly or in PM's on Poodle Forum.

5.8 You may not solicit stud services on Poodle Forum.

5.9 In discussing a breeder, your opinions and inferences should be based on a degree of available factual knowledge. What is factual knowledge? It covers a lot of ground:

a) You have experience with the breeder. This is where you have spoken directly and in-depth or worked with the breeder, OR

b) You have directly observed the environment where the puppies and dogs are; OR,

c) Other concrete observations - You have read or observed in photos or videos on their sites or other electronic site(s), which may include pedigrees, health testing, contracts, public court documents or animal welfare complaints, OR

d) You have read information on OFA or a DNA testing site and seen which conditions were tested - and observed which tests have been omitted; OR

e) You have read court documentation or registered complaints on government websites, and review websites such as Yelp or Google, and can provide the links.

f) There is no agreed upon term defining a “backyard breeder”. For example, one person’s hobby breeder who doesn’t place their poodle in Conformation shows but has other assets, still might be another person’s byb. Instead, stating non-judgmental, specific factual observations in their breeding program and environment is far more productive, and shows respect to all readers who can make up their own minds without anyone telling them what and how to think.

Members may make reasonable inferences from the above which leaves a lot of room to do so. HOWEVER, members are not to make wild assumptions and "fill in the blanks". Breeding, when done with excellence, is expensive, so this is to avoid spreading untruths, but also for you not being sued for libel or defamation.


6. Advertising & Self Promotion.

6.1 Poodle Forum prohibits the posting of advertising links, images, OR content for the purpose of self-promotion; see the TOU for more information and PM PoodleAdm if you are interested in advertising or commercial posting.

The two exceptions are self-promotion in the Poodle Breeder Directory, but remember that this forbids the direct selling of live animals, discussion of prices, or making transactions (see details on Rule #5), and in the General Buy/Sell forum for established members selling handcrafted art or dog items they made themselves, or used pet items in good to excellent condition, which also forbids posting prices or making transactions on poodleforum.com. Note: Poodle Forum is not responsible for disputes nor intervenes in these.


Privacy and Private Communications

7. Poodle Forum is part of the Internet, so use common sense when revealing personal information. Some privacy concerns are already covered in the TOU, so please review that. These are additional:

7.1 DO NOT publicly post PM’s / private conversations on PF without permission. Discussions that have taken place in private should not be posted on the public forums unless you have received permission from the user involved to post it.

7.2 Do not post or share in private conversation messaging system the real name of another member, their address, phone number or other personal or sensitive information about another member that they have not shared on the forum. If they want someone else to know, they will tell them themselves. Breaking this rule will result in an immediate ban.


8. Do not create duplicate accounts. This is not permitted and will result in a permanent ban from the site since it is often done to deceive others. Protect your password and your account. You are responsible for your account regardless of compromise or stolen password.

If you already have two or more user accounts due to losing your password prior to February 2020 and not being able to log in, PM me. You must inform me which account you prefer to be disabled so you cannot use it; this is to avoid a ‘banned status’ on one of them.

If you have forgotten which email address is associated with your PF account, enter your username or email address when requesting a password reset. You will then receive an email message confirming that an email has been sent to that address with this information.

If you have other issues with your account, please contact PoodleAdm instead of creating another account. RE-REGISTRATION with another user name after a temporary or permanent ban will result in non-negotiable permanent 'no appeal' ban on all accounts you have created.

When trying to log onto poodleforum.com, if you see an ad or popup ad on your cellphone or other electronic device that is offensive, report this on the Technical Support thread. It is critical that you copy and paste the link or url (these can be quite long with popup ads) so they can be addressed. This may also be adware on your phone, so please take the appropriate actions.


Here's another rule worth repeating, from the 2009 rules:

10.1 You will not upload, attach or post anything that is known copyright or licensed material unless you have received the permission from the copyright owner. This is for your protection, because copyright infringement can result in a lawsuit.


What happens if any of the rules are broken?

We're not here to toss out legitimate, participating members willy-nilly, and will consider the context of a situation. Offenses are at the discretion of the Moderator; in extreme cases, the Moderator will consult with the Administrator. The consequences are:

Gentle but straight forward, no-penalty warnings could be given on a thread and/or in a PM.

Warnings with penalties are temporary time outs. This means no participating on Poodle Forum for a specific time period, generally for 1 to 7 days.

Longer Suspensions. A member would have to be pretty offensive or habitually repeat violations to warrant a time out exceeding two weeks.

Other warnings for the most serious rule violations can run up to 180 days, or result in being banned.

Remember: Some of the rules above supersede the process described for users who break rules (i.e. some of the rules call for an immediate suspension/banning of your account). Furthermore, the above notes detailing suspensions of a user account are guidelines for the moderators, i.e. we will use our discretion if we believe that a user warrants more/less days in a suspension of his/her account.

Poodle Forum may revise and update the Forum Rules at any time by making changes.

Lastly and in summary, treating others as you would want to be treated will avoid most problems.

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For clarity in the Poodle Breeding – Subforum Rules section, I tweaked the first two paragraphs in Rule #5

Tweaked From:

Poodle Forum has a subforum titled Poodle Breeding, found under the Poodle Talk subforum. It is particularly dedicated for technical questions about all things related to breeding.

It also covers questions and discussions about DNA and other health testing, color genetics, planning a litter in the pre-breeding stage, pregnancy, whelping, and the care of infant puppies. Please place those kinds of questions or informational threads that subforum.

Tweaked To:

Poodle Forum has a subforum titled Poodle Breeding, found under the Poodle Talk subforum. It is the most common area where members ask questions about specific breeders or where to find a good breeder.

This subforum is also particularly dedicated to helping members with technical questions about all things related to breeding. It covers questions and discussions about DNA and other health testing, color genetics, planning a litter in the pre-breeding stage, pregnancy, whelping, and the care of infant puppies. Please place these kinds of questions or informational threads in this subforum.

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Due to this year's growing Internet trend of duping the public by using the words "rehome" or "adopt" when the intent is to sell or scam, combined with an increase of brand new members making offers or requests to "rehome or adopt", Forum Rule #5.0 has added the two paragraphs after the first paragraph. See Post #2.
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