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The rain can't get us down!

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Though the wind might.

Oh man, totally posted the wrong picture up. Fixed now. Sure made me lol.

Look how long his ears are!
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How frigging cute is that? A yellow pixie in his cute rain slicker. Way too sweet!
lmao! That's awesome. hehe!

Are you growing his ears back out a bit now?? I'm looking at Paris' ears right now and they seemed to get to this length fairly quickly but it feels like they've not grown at all for months now! LOL! I know they have, they're just sooooo POOF still.... ugh.
I'm going for the poof look! ^^ I looooved that look on Paris, and I love how they look growing out! And we'll see how long I grow them out again. :)
Handsome!!, he should be on a poodle run-way!
that raincoat is awesome!! he is definitely a fashionista! ;)
HAHA, I love it! Did he mind the rain coat?
HAHA, I love it! Did he mind the rain coat?
Hm.. he absolutely hated it! :D
^^ LOL! At least he was kind enough to let you get a pic!!
I love it! Vegas is incredibly handsome. I was looking through your albums earlier. i'm in love with that boy!
Hehe, yeah, I try to keep the albums updated!

Have you ever put clothes on a cat and it just kinda.. doens't move? That's why he was sitting so still for me, he took on that outlook!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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