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The Poos that Stole Christmas...

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Even if you've already posted Christmas pictures of your poodles,
re-post em' here so we can have a whole collection of poodle
Christmas series photos! LOL!

I can even make a slide show if we get enough pictures, how cool
would that be?

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Sam I Am- Jenny is so lovely! Maddie was mostly white but had a sort
of a pretty cream froth going on on her top knot and ears. Jenny is a
REAL LOOKER though, I am a sucker for white poodles. :p

WonderPup- LOL! I think I blinded the poor lil guy actually with the
flash! My mom loves that picture though, she laughs everytime she sees
it on her desktop, she said I should make it into Christmas cards! LMAO!

Michelle- I love the winter theme, very scrap bookish indeed, and I LOVE
to scrap book!

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Great pics guys, the photoshopped ones look fantastic, your all so clever. I might try and find one and put in the 'anyone need anything photoshopped thread" for someone to make T a Christmas scrapbook :biggrin:
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