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The Poodle Poetry & Ironic Poodle PF Photo Contest has begun!

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Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turn to fog;
but you're never friendless ever, if you have a dog.

~Douglas Mallock

Greetings! This month we have two photo contest categories to choose from:

1) Poodle Poetry - Credit for this idea goes to EVpoodle (thank you).
You may submit 1 to 3 of your own original poems with 1 to 3 photos of your poodle or poodle mix.
The poem(s) can be rhyming, haiku, a limerick, free verse, and so forth.

2) Ironic Poodle - Unleash your humor as you caption your poo in a photo. You may use 1 to 3 photos each with a caption, or up to three photos that tell one funny story.

To enter, go to this thread. Entries accepted until Monday May 20th.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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